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The Black Male Equity Initiative (BMEI) is an interactive exploration of wealth and equity and how you can build it.

The intent of the Black Male Equity Initiative is to establish a foundation of unique culturally relevant experiences from which to build, grow, and expand the Legacy Wealth perspective of black men. Through the measurement and monitoring of four specific milestones, each cohort will mirror the results of the inaugural Detroit black male equity cohort in Detroit. The BMEI Programming consists of four key NarrowRoad™ equity explorations (Towers, Bars, Walls, and Gates) all used to guide black men along the road to a defined Legacy Wealth perspective that black men can uniquely resonate and align with and ultimately use to build wealth their way. 


We would like to provide early access to interested and activated members of communities who desire to take ownership of the economic change in their communities.  Members who join the journey with BMEI in this way will receive both a digital and hardcover signed copy of the BMEI anthology and an invitation to a virtual townhall meeting to begin the discussion about raising the levels of wealth in the black community. 

This puts the both the hard copy and the digital copy into the hands of those who are willing to start the discussion of wealth in their community through an equity lens.

The desired outcome of this is the beginning of a series of discussions throughout our community about the important role equity plays in the black community in the 400th year post the beginning of slavery in America.



The Black Male Equity Initiative (BMEI) Anthology is the physical culmination of a 12-month pilot program carried out in Detroit, Michigan that brought together 12 cohorts, four facilitators, and the program’s founder to determine effective ways to scale and expand a constructive dialogue around equity--an aspect of life for black men that is often unexplored, unsupported, and unaddressed.

Drawing on monumental African American figures whose impact on the progress of the Black community has transcended generations, as well as the social contexts that underscore their work, the anthology weaves a narrative that highlights equity in all its forms, including where it abounds and where more is needed. The men highlighted: Thurgood Marshall, Barack Obama, Charles Hamilton Houston, and Dr. Kelly Miller, serve as paragons not only of equity in its own right, but of the different ideals fundamental
to attaining it.

Following a few introductory notes, including a scriptural mandate for the Equity Initiative; an exploration of the genetic bonds shared by the cohorts as descendants of African ancestors; an examination of the importance of equity from the perspective of black males; a discussion of Detroit’s historical importance with regard to the Equity Initiative; and a breakdown of the value of ownership in the Black community, the anthology delves into each of the aforementioned concepts fundamental to equity accumulation, following the quarter-by-quarter blueprint used in the program itself.

In pouring through the contents of this anthology, it becomes abundantly clear that no component is capable of standing alone. Every perspective embodied by an historical figure is dependent on the other three, just as the triumphs of the black community have always been and will always be predicated on the work done by those that came before us. The motifs explored and the cohorts on whom they were imparted stand on the shoulders of generation after generation of Black Men of Equity; and it is in this spirit that the Black Male Equity Initiative Anthology truly is centuries in the making.

About Dr. Pamela Jolly

Dr. Pamela Jolly is an experienced strategist, author, global keynote speaker, creator of the NarrowRoad, and founder of Torch Enterprises Inc a strategic investment company that raises capital and awareness with African American businesses and their communities.  For the past fifteen years Dr Jolly has inspired and structured culturally relevant strategies to improve wealth outcomes communities of color.  In 2018 through a partnership with the Campaign for Black Male Achievement, her company launched the Black Male Equity Initiative, a 12 month strategic pilot that explored 4 forms of equity from a Black male perspective in Detroit.  The BMEI pilot culminates with the launch of the Detroit BMEI Anthology which invites the nation to “join the journey” in an exploration of ways legacy wealth creation can become a standard in the black community. 

Pamela is the CEO and Founder of Torch Enterprises Inc., where she advises organizations by developing meaningful strategies through the use of finance, research, and the practical application of business and financial acumen.

She applies her diverse background in financial services, strategy, community economic development, and theology to assist clients with growth, leadership development, capital budgeting, and strategic implementation in ways that are culturally-relevant.

Pamela is the author of The NarrowRoad™: A Guide to Legacy Wealth and a global speaker. Her public speaking invitations have included the College of African American Financial Planners, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, the National Association of Real Estate Brokers, the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business, the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, Wells Fargo Bank, the Federal Reserve Bank, the Urban League, the UNCF, and the National Minority Supplier Development Council. She was also the finance and accounting professor for the Strategic Design MBA program at Philadelphia University.

She serves on the board of the Good Work Network in New Orleans, Louisiana, and is President of the African American Alumni Association at the Wharton School.

Pamela earned her B.S. from Hampton University with a major in marketing and finance, an MBA in finance and strategy from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, a master's in theology from Boston University, and an Ed.D. from the Graduate Theological Foundation. Pamela holds certificates in theology from Oxford University, Christ Church, in conflict resolution from the Boston Theological Institute, and in private equity and venture capital from the Pepperdine Graziadio School of Business and Management.  


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